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About BluVest

BluVest is an online investment advisory program that leverages automated investment technology to increase potential returns and help reduce risks.

Nobel Prize-Winning Modern Portfolio Theory

BluVest begins by understanding your goals, and then matches you with a portfolio that meets your long-term goals. Pioneered by Harry Markowitz, Modern Portfolio Theory combines different asset classes in a way that seeks to increase potential returns while striving to reduce risks.*

*BluVest takes into account the historical behavior of asset classes. It's important to recognize that future performance may vary from historical observations and that accounts with lower balances may not be able to fully benefit from the theory since asset class selections may be limited.

The name may be new, but not the experience

The BluVest investment advisory program is a collaboration between HD Vest Advisory Services® and Financial Guard, an online investment adviser.*

  • The advice, resources, and experience you need to manage your finances with confidence
  • Suitable for investors at every stage in life

*Financial Guard is a majority-owned subsidiary of Legg Mason, a global diversified asset management firm.